What is Kratom

Kratom is a tree indigenous to Southeast Asia, largely Malaysia and Thailand, but for some time it’s also been grown in Indonesia, India, Bali…, it reaches approximately 28 meters. It belongs to the family of Rubiaceae, to which also belong crops like coffee. Its leaves contain over 25 alkaloids, the best known to be the Mitragyna Speciosa.In Southeast Asia, kratom is absorbed by chewing the fresh leaves, but given the difficulty of having fresh kratom leaves from the West, it is absorbed here by coordinating tea using dry leaves.

The kratom contains some very curious consequences because it is equally stimulant, analgesic and sedative, which is based on the dose of ingested kratom; at reduced doses they are generally stimulants, enhancing mental alertness, physical energy, and sociability, while in high doses their consequences are analgesic and sedative. For these consequences painkillers and sedatives, and some other people, kratom is also known as the opium of the poor, and like this alleviates pain, eliminates a cough and cuts diarrhea, making a great awareness of well-being, with shut eyes you can get to daydream, actually a very pleasant sensation.

The kratom isn’t a medication, so do not use it as such. Although it’s legal in many countries of the world, its ingestion isn’t regulated.

If you are likely to buy kratom and consume it, use common sense, don’t drive, don’t use machinery, don’t mix it with other drugs. Don’t swallow it if; You’re pregnant, you’re breastfeeding, you are younger, you don’t have great health. Use common sense, as you’d do with any other drug.


The dose to take varies considerably depending on the quality of the kratom, the tolerance your system has to it, and also the fart you would like to take. The ideal thing with the kratom is to test it a bit because its effects are noticed very quickly. With the kratom sold on this website from 2 to 5 grams prepared in tea are sufficient to feel stimulated, in the mental alert, with great physical power and very sociable. If you take a different dose of this dose you will begin to feel just a little sedation, since it relieves the pains, if you had them, and somewhat euphoric.

As you take more doses of the dosages the analgesia and sedation increases, until entering a kind of sleep-candle condition, in which the one thing that you would like is to lie down, with your eyes shut, you enter into a kind of oneiric condition, in which it provides the feeling of becoming daydreaming. At these doses, it produces an extremely pleasant sensation of internal peace.


The first thing should be done would be to distinguish between”variety” and”denomination”, because on the world wide web to one variety it is simple to locate it with many distinct denominations.

Given the high number of websites where you can get kratom, sellers sharpen the creativity to offer more attractive products, hence the number of names to name the exact same solution, and also the number of extracts which have flourished in the marketplace in the last time.